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Story Coaching

I will help you focus & create a detailed action plan for how best to conquer your writing project, keep you accountable and provide support when needed. Learn more…


Have your story told in a way that only you could tell. Create passive revenue opportunities with ebooks designed to provide value and grow your reach. Learn more…

Script Coverage

Leverage my 10+ years of experience with screenwriting to mold your script into the version that will hook readers to the very end and get the right people interested executing your vision. Learn more…

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I’ve been honing my craft in the realm of storytelling across film, novels and commercial marketing for more than a decade. It’s my mission to help you deliver your writing in such a way that accomplishes your objectives and creates the results you’re after.


If you’re ready to write the very best version of what you have to offer, I’m ready to work with you.

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